About Me

I am Felicia, a wife and stay at home mum to 3 beautifully determined children whom I love dearly. I adore sewing and have been dabbling in it since my home economics class in middle school. These days though I sew daily. I have an old Pfaff sewing machine and a Juki MO644 overlocker. I sew using mainly knit fabrics but use woven here and there as well. I pattern test for online designers who use PDF patterns and I do promotional sewing for a great company located in Ontario, Canada called Water Tower Textiles Canada.

I want to share my knowledge, show my learning, my progress, my hold ups. I have a lot to learn, but I also am certainly not a beginner. My hope is that you will find my site helpful and encouraging.

Please be aware that some of the links I share on my website are affiliate links. This means, that at no cost to you, when you purchase something using one of my affiliate links I will receive a small monetary credit for inspiring you to buy the item. It’s a way for companies to reward those who support them and it’s a way for me to make some credit to buy more patterns and tell you what I think. I will not recommend anything that I do not like, trust me it’s not worth it! Also, not every link is an affiliate link. I will let you know if it is or not right in the blog post.

Thank-you for checking out my website and I sincerely hope you find something useful to share.