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I was recently asked to test the Danica Dress, which is a re-branded pattern, that Goober Pea Designs has revised and done expanded sizing for. I sewed up an age 12-18 month and a 3 year for my two girls based on their measurements. I opted to do the slim fit dress with a keyhole opening. 

I love how easy GPD’s PDF patterns go together. I always print the non trim pages and never have any issues when putting them together. The Danica Dress pattern features two styles for the skirt, a slim and a full. You can band the sleeve lengths or hem them. Sleeve lengths include; sleeveless, short, 3/4 and long. There are also several neck variations, which include; basic (plain neckband), keyhole (which can go in the front or the back), collared (a peter pan style collar) and a higher neckband with a tie attached.

This is a pretty simple, adorable dress, and I really like how it fits on both my girls. It has a tighter fit at the top then flares out nicely. The full skirt simply flares out beyond the slim so there is nothing extra to making the full skirt, which is nice. The arms are not cut on the fold, so they have a nicer shape to them and I like the option to band or hem (there are different cut lines). 

When it comes to what I didn’t like there really isn’t much. I wasn’t a fan of how the keyhole binding sits after being sewn, but with a tight curve like that there really isn’t much that can be done. It sort of folds in or out around the base of the opening, where the curve is the tightest. As my perfectionist self screams over this (and you want to bet I seam ripped that first one I did)… I am sure it wouldn’t bother most nor do I imagine a bystander would notice. 

I used my favourite floral print from Water Tower Textiles on these, I did quickly go buy more to make myself a dress to match theirs too! This is a double brushed polyester so it’s nice and soft on both the front (printed) side and the back (white) side. The girls love it when I make them things from brushed polyester because of how soft it is. Since it’s a synthetic material it isn’t very breathable so the keyhole and short sleeves will be nice for warmer days when they want to wear their matching dresses.

You can browse all of Goober Pea Design’s patterns, including the Danica Dress here, Goober Pea Designs 

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