Stylin’ Snuggler PDF Pattern Review

I really enjoy the process of pattern testing. I got into doing it close to a year ago and have done about 1 a month since. Most recently I worked with Goober Pea Designs to test the Stylin’ Snuggler. I have tested for her previously also, and she is one of my favourite designers. This pattern stands out among the rest though! I went a bit overboard and made SEVEN total of these between all the different options. You will love this pattern, and so will your kids!

She has added layers to her PDF patterns recently so this pattern includes selectable size layers and goes from 0-3 months all the way up to age 12.  It has a raglan sleeve construction, so it’s easy to put together and personally I find fits over a better range of body shapes. When putting together raglan sleeve patterns, just remember the longer side of the arm piece goes to the back since the back is higher than the front. The pattern is drafted to have a loose fit so that it can go easily over PJ’s but it isn’t so loose that you can’t have the child naked under it. The great thing about the loose fit is that you can also use whatever you want for fabric. I made some from minky, flannel, cotton spandex and french terry. The zipper construction is designed for beginners, so if zippers scare you this is the pattern for you! I have clumsily put zippers in little bags etc. but I was able to make pristine zippers with this pattern and I cannot wait to make more patterns with zippers now, because really, who doesn’t love the zippers in their ready to wear clothing!?

I can’t even pick a favourite option, but I will start with the sleep sack. You can line the body portion of the sack, I chose not to for the two I made but the instructions include detailed steps to line if you so choose. I made both from a short minky, one with cotton spandex arms and one with the same minky as the arms. I used cotton spandex for the cuffs and neck band on every version I made. This sleep sack could easily be made from cotton woven or cotton spandex for a cooler version for warmer months but here in Canada it is still cold so I wanted to make warmer versions. The Starlight/Starbright sleep sack patterns are also good for warmer weather. You can find all of her sleep sack patterns here just scroll down after the page opens.

The sleep suit is a harem style, which allows for easy layering and also if you use cloth diapers at night it will accommodate that huge fluffy butt! I really love harem style pants on my kids right now and this is absolutely adorable! You can use regular size cuffs or grow with me cuffs, because of the loose fit it will grow with your child for a couple of sizes. This is my 1 year old who wears ready to wear size 12-24 months and my 3 year old who wears size 3T in the same sleep suit made from non-stretch flannel.

You can also add feet to the sleep suit so that it’s more like your typical footed PJ’s. I used fleece on the bottom of one pair and sued leather on the bottom of the other. I recommend using a sewing machine to sew the bottoms on rather than trying to take the sharp curves with an overlocker, especially on the smaller sizes. The way the feet are constructed is the same as her Pitter Patter Slipper Boots pattern, which can also be found here, just scroll down to find it and all of her other patterns.

Some things to note, I prefer to not use the zipper facing because I feel it’s totally unnecessary and it allowed me to sew my zipper easier. If you want to include it the steps are very detailed and the pattern even includes videos you can watch to get a demonstration of how to do the more complex steps. It just isn’t included on most ready to wear items so I opted to exclude it. Also check out my video on YouTube for how to do your bands quicker and easier. This concludes my review of this pattern, you can get it and all of her patterns here.



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